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SLAYER WAVE RIDING SAIL   The Karma IS A 5 BATTEN allround power wave-on shore wave-Bump & Jump sail. The Karma was designed along with the Slayer to be a more allround sail for a wider range of use. The use of 5 battens is supported by a monofilm, dacron and PVC free construction with…

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17 december 2015


SLAYER WAVE RIDING SAILThe Slayer is a 4 batten specialist wave riding sail.With 4 battens, there is no batten running through the window and there is still 3 battens supporting the leach and one supporting the foot to stop flutter. With the thinner batten tips, the sails still fills as easily as a 3 batten…

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17 december 2015
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      Ingenieur Lelyweg 11, 2031CD, Haarlem
      Terrein MAAK Haarlem, unit F0.10

      Bij gesloten hek voor openen bellen met +31614985155
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  • Richtprijzen reparaties

    Kapotte neus€ 100,00
    Klein scheurtje / gat€ 47,50
    Voetband / ontluchtingsplug€ 47,50
    Vinbox vervangen US€ 135,00
    Vinbox vervangen power Tuttle€ 165,00
    FCS plug vervangen€ 35,00
    FCS pluggenset inbouwen€ 55,00
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